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My name is Olaf Muscat Baron and I am a dual qualified French and English accountant.  Based in Dordogne, I specialise in providing accounting and taxation services to the international community in France (i.e. wherever you may be situated).  Although I speak French fluently, English is my mother tongue and as I am qualified and have worked in both the Anglo-Saxon and French accounting worlds I am well placed to bridge the gap between the cultures!


Please note that French accounting and administration is not rocket science” but can be tedious, overly complex and stressful to the uninitiated.  This often results in not starting projects owing to the feeling of “going wrong” somewhere. Having someone assist you through the process can spare you a lot of stress, time, misinformation and errors, and liberate your energy and ideas in getting setup and going.


Personal French Taxation

My first objective is to obtain a  comprehensive understanding of your tax situation and give you an overview of the tax situation as it affects you in France — this serves as a basis for ensuring your compliance with French Tax Law, that there are no unexpected surprises and you pay only what is due.

From there we can go on to ensure that your returns are completed correctly and submitted in time.

I also assist in clearing up tax issues encountered, such as claims for back tax, refuted allowances/tax credit, errors in assessment or double taxation issues. 

If you are in the process of settling in France I can prepare a tax study so that you know what to expect and have all the tax information you need in forming your decision.



Business Accounting & Administration


I also assist with the accounting and administration of your enterprise should you wish to set up or already have a business in France. 

This includes:

· Helping you select the appropriate set up for your business, be it auto-entrepreneur, artisan, profession libéral or SARL, or transforming the statute of your enterprise,

· Dealing with the various administrations and administrative requirements,

· Preparing your costing and management accounts,

· Helping you obtain finance from banks,

· Submitting the various declarations e.g. VAT and social contributions,

· And all the other management and administrative issues that affect the successful running of your enterprise.


Every case is particular and this list is not comprehensive — I encourage you to contact me so that we can examine your needs and determine the next steps. 


Personal Business Assistance Serving the English Speaking Community in France

Olaf Muscat Baron

Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK

Expert Comptable France


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I serve clients’ accounting, tax and administration needs, wherever they are based in France.  To this effect you are welcome to contact me via: